Taekwondo Road Tour

Peace between the North and the South is peace in the world.  
Taekwondo connects peace between North and South and unification.
World Taekwondo people!
The proceeds from the Taekwondo Road Tour,
To Search Taekwondo Historical Data, taekwondo and raise funds to fund the World Taekwondo Foundation for the Disabled.
And I sponsor Taekwondo Pioneer Foundation.
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Soon Cheon Jeong::
-From ITF founder Choi Hong Hi
a certificate of six degrees in one's own handwriting
-In January 1994, General Choi Hong Hi founder of the ITF in Vienna
-ITF Taekwondo History and Research Director
-Taekwondo History Research Writer

 Canada: 3000 Citadel meadow pt.nw. calgary ab.Canada

T: 1(907)209-5846

North Korea: Mangyongdae Pyongyang DPR korea


Soon Cheon Jeong

South Korea: #906-A 406 Teheran-ro

gangnam-gu seoul south korea

​서울 강남구 테헤란로 406 A동 906호



General manager:S.C. Jeong

Seoul Branch Regional Director : M.K. Kim

Plan & Marketing Manager:Y.H. Kim

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Letter of Procuration from DPR Korea

北의 관광총국에 등록 



Broadcasting : 방송 보도 자료