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Taekwondo Road Tour

Taekwon-do Road Tour
Peace between the North and the South is peace in the world.
Taekwon-do connects peace between North and South and unification.
World Taekwon-do people!

The proceeds from the Taekwon-do Road Tour,
to collect Taekwon-do Historical Data, Taekwon-do and raise funds to fund DPR Korea Taekwon-do Foundation for the Disabled.
비엔나 ITF사무국에서 최홍희총재님과
Soon Cheon Jeong::
-From ITF founder Choi Hong Hi
a certificate of six degrees in one's own handwriting
-In January 1994, General Choi Hong Hi founder of the ITF in Vienna
-ITF Taekwondo History and Research Director
-Taekwondo History Research Writer
문화유산 태권도 표지
문화유산 태권도 평화를 향한 여정
북으로간 태권도

Canada: 3000 Citadel meadow pt.nw. calgary ab.Canada

T: 1(907)209-5846


North Korea: Mangyongdae Pyongyang DPR korea


Soon Cheon Jeong

South Korea: #1707,  113 Teheran-ro

gangnam-gu seoul south korea

​서울 강남구 테헤란로 113, 1707호


General manager:S.C. Jeong
Seoul Branch Regional Director : M.K. Kim

Plan & Marketing Manager:Y.H. Kim

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Letter of Procuration from DPR Korea

北의 관광총국에 등록

ITF최홍희총재 명함
태권도 로드 투어 고객

TKD Road Tour Video

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