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              D P R Korea
  We are the best travel agency that travels most wonderfully and safely with
Taekwon-do. &

  The Taekwondo Road Tour will entertain you with a special tour course.


6 day trip

The sound of the bells of Jaeya, the main tour of Pyongyang, Panmun Branch, Kaesong, Taekwondo Hall, a demonstration tour of the North's demonstration team and taekwondo training, a taekwondo sanctuary, winter games in Pyongyang,

US dollars

From at least 1250.00 US 


8 day trip

- Participating in the Juche Taekwondo event of the Cho Tae-wi, Panmun branch, major tourism in Pyongyang, Wonshan Beach and Mount Geumgang.Taekwondo training, watching the DPR KOREA TKD.

US dollars

From at least 1550.00 US 


9 day trip

Panmunjom, Pyongyang, Taekwondo Hall and Training, Trekking the Use of Air Koryo (Baekdu Mountain) in Camping 1-2 nights

US dollars

From at least 2550.00 US 

*The price includes a round-trip air flight from Beijing Airport, a four-star hotel accommodation in Pyongyang (from breakfast to dinner), all admission fees and taekwondo tuition fees.

*Based on group 5 members.

If you get into a group of 10 or more, the price will go down.

*You can watch North Korea's taekwondo demonstration team perform in person.

*The date of the tour can be fixed by the applicant at any time.

*Bookings at least three to six months in advance will be 5 to 10 percent off the total amount.

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